How to write a tok essay

July 8, 2019
how to write a tok essay

In your essay, you will be expected to compare and contrast different ways of knowing through.

There is the so called term when writing a tok essay referred to as the four cs or creativity you must develop independent and personal thought. Content you must understand and be able to write on the knowledge issues.

Here are the main things to keep in mind when youre using this method your 1 priority is answering the prescribed title. If you somehow follow this method, but dont answer the question you wont score well.

Since tok essays are so special, you should be definitely aware how to write a tok essay if you want to succeed in academic writing. Tok essay topics are special and tok essay structure is special, so you need to be aware of all their features.

A tok essay or a theory of knowledge essay is an important essay for the international baccalaureate students. All ibo students need to submit a tok essay in order to get the diploma.

The ib tok essay contributes to the overall score of a students ib diploma. The award of points for the ib tok essay is in conjunction with the extended essay. A maximum of three points is awarded according to a students combined performance in both the tok and extended essay.

The tok essay outline follows usual rules and consists of an introduction part, the main part and a conclusion. However, in the introduction part, you present the topic that you are going to discuss later, and the topic should be from a scientific field.

Choose a topic with clear boundaries, a focus on knowledge in the title, and a question that can be kept in sight at all times. A tok essay offers you only 1,600 words to work with to do a reasonable job of examining the various approaches to the topic under discussion.

Choosing the right tok essay title writing your tok essay will be made considerably easier if you choose the right title. If you get it wrong, youll feel like you have a mountain to climb and with every foot forward, youll feel like youre slipping back two.

The points we have made so far are relevant to writing a good essay in any subject. Despite being an unusual subject, tok does have a specic content not in the sense of a syllabus to be memorised and reproduced, but in the sense of a range of questions to be explored and reected on.