Adnan syed innocent essay

July 8, 2019
adnan syed innocent essay

Is adnan syed guilty or innocent? The murder of hae min lee in 1999, has caught a lot of peoples attention. All the attention is because of a well-produced podcast called serial.

When we hear the name adnan syed, many questions come into mind. The most important question for many people is if he is guilty or innocent of murdering hae min lee.

An adnan syed essay refers to the person charged with the 1999 murder of hae min lee, a korean-american high school student. Adnan syed was her boyfriend at the time he was arrested and convicted soon and has been serving his sentence ever since.

  her ex boyfriend adnan syed was arrested on february 28, 1999 for her murder. The podcast serial hosted by sarah koenig had been following his case and pointing out some questionable things in the states story against adnan. Adnan syed is innocent, theres barely anything that even connect him to her murder.

In my opinion, adnan syed should not have been found guilty under his circumstances he was wrongfully convicted for the murder of hae min lee and should be exonerated.

My essay is about adnan syed who got convicyed of killing his ex-girlfriend.

That is truthfully how the situation went, all of the information only led to more questions. There is proof to make a person believe that adnan is guilty or innocent. Although there is plenty of evidence to prove or refute the idea that adnan syed is guilty, adnan is innocent.

In the first episode entitled, the alibi investigates the story of a high school student named adnan syed, who may not or have been falsely convicted of a crime he committed in 1999. His girlfriend during the time named hae ming lee, was murdered and found dead by park in northern baltimore.